From “Me” With Love by Shane D.

From “Me” With Love
My sweet ribena
Because of you I’ll sell okrika
Under rain or sun, I go de hala
Just to get you stuff and mascara…
Baby smile for me even though I no be camera
You aint twitter but I go be your follower
For you I re brand am Ada and Eve
I’ll get suicidal if you try to leave
Na me go beg every time we get beef
I go do armed robber even petty thief
So I fit buy you shine-shine and fine ear-ring
But sucre, I tire like Michelin
Because right now I wish you are in
My heart; I’m sick of enduring
I swear, na your hand I go place my ring.

Game of Two by Shane D.

Game of Two

Two pairs of clanging feet
On a turf so soft, writhing in the heat
Of passion and a fine silk sheet.
It is a battle of the fittest
Each with same interest
Vieing  to reach the peaks of Everest.
There is banging and groaning
Sweat freely pouring
As higher they climb, each screaming
At the near sign of approaching victory.
Finally, there is a tie
Both at the peak, both in time
Slowly descending, soaked in slime
Congratulatory kisses and cute drowsy smiles.