Mr Society by Shane D.

Why do people do the things they do
Why do people disguise and act up too
I drown in a ‘why’ pool
Answers I seek, me  to pull.
Folks con their way through
I see these things and silence doesn’t make me a fool
I know, o yes! I know you.
You go by the name Society
I am humbled by your diversity
But why make some your adversary?
They are who they are without pretence
Govern them but not onto their door steps
Love is a law in itself
If for who I am I hate myself
How then can I love one else?
I might be your adversary but one that’s fearless
My heart loves who it loves and I care less
Hating me I’ll say is human less
But you are society and thou art soulless.
It’s ironical that our numbers give unto you life
Yet the fingers that’s fed you, you bite
If we all pretend and hide
Then Mr society I ask you, what shalt become of thee too?


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