The Silent Secret By dismus aine Kevin

The Silent Secret
By Dismus Aine Kevin

I know the secret
Even during my childhood days
Am different, I wonder why?
Year’s months passed, days become longer
Nights were nightmares

This secret, alone I share
Mother can’t understand
She loves me, but the secret will separate us
Trying to keep the secret,
Waiting for freedom to cover me

All alone in my dreams
Praying for God sent mate
Its forbidden even to the lord
Wondering who to turn to

Fearful to be disowned
Expelled from school
To be laughing stalk
I swear to die with my silent secret

Am only happy in my dreams
Why me? Why this secret?
Hard to share, hard to be told
Am meant to believe it’s wrong
Am reminded every other day
Now more certain,
The secret can’t be told

Growing older
Family pressures rise
Friends start to question
I know am different from then
What to do? Tell the secret
Oh No, it’s the untold secret

Dismus Aine Kevin
Rainbow Health Foundation Mbarara

A registered CBO, in Western Uganda, that strives to offer grass root health services to sexual minorities [LGBTI]

Breaking barriers through grass root intervention


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