l.i.b.e.r.a.t.i.o.n. theory

Editor’s note: I apologize in advance for any typos or grammar errors. I am not emotionally there yet to proofread this. Therefore, you’ll get my whole truth in its messy, raw form.

Yesterday I posted a passage about how tragedy can serve as a catalyst for transcendental peace or it can push you to attach to new identities. For me, it has done a little of both. It’s caused me to examine my relationship to my identities and fight tooth and nail against identifying with them, though often at a price.

As many of you who have been following this blog since the beginning may know, I’ve been battling infertility for a number of years. As I type this, I’m shocked myself that it’s been four years already. For much of that time, I thought that my challenges were due to technical difficulties—timing ovulation and inseminations, having the proper mindset…

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