Hell’s Gate: The Northern Killings by Shane D.

Sitting in the darkness
Staring into nothingness
Death smells
Would you die, or would I be next?
Wishing and hoping for sunlight
Dreading the fearsome moments of this test…
The shrill cry of suffering is all I hear
Smell of blood; the end draws near
I hear, I see… Bodies drenched with fear
And some bold, thinking they can bear…
Courage I crave; give me some
But who in this dire times would in generosity give?
False hope – deception is all I see
Open display of rotten bodies; am I at hell’s gate?
I need to know; is it already late?
People believe; heterogeneity, dying for their faith
Even at such I know, these religions (would) all end in fate
Who would come and who would save?
Another baby Jesus or Lucifer himself?
Nah! We are to save ourselves
Put an end to our fantasious dreams
Hilarious fantasious dreams even in our nightmares…
Arise now! Wake up!! Save yourselves or rot in hell.


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