Behind the Stud: The Genesis by Shane D.

I am a lesbian stud and blending in with the society can really be
trying. Being a lesbian is one thing but being both a tomboy and a
lesbian is extremely trying. The society where I come from ridicules
the lesbian and thinks only of sex when they come across a lesbian.
I began wearing men clothes when I was little and would rather have
my hair cut, play soccer and participate in other manly activities
than fiddle with make up, carry dolls and other such involvements.
I’ve always being attracted to the female sex and each time I’m
around a girl, I feel different… Totally different, though then
(about 3-4years or so) I didn’t understand the feelings so I never
acted on them.
I remember making out with girls (quite a number of them) I’m my
primary school but in my secondary school, (with the whole teaching on
the ‘evil’ of lesbianism) I restrained myself and fought back these
It is said that “you can never run away from who you truly are” so
though I tried to be ‘normal’, I wouldn’t fail to mention that I was
much more comfortable being ‘abnormal’… I became ‘Me’ the moment I
dropped the ‘normal act’ and hence, the beginning of a life-long
romance with myself.
I am proud of who and what I am – a lesbian… Not just any lesbian,
One thing I’ve learnt in life is that you can never please everyone so
while some people are hating you for who you are, some others are
loving you for who you are and this has kept me going.


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