Is her happiness contagious?


I take for granted that ‘foreign-ness’ affords one a safety blanket not available to locals. So as they laze on the beach, she nestles her head between another’s bosoms and strokes her side with her longest digit in a rather suggestive manner and at no point does she stop to think if this makes them uncomfortable. She never for a moment stops to think how her behaviour might impact them, in fact it is just now in the moment before she closes her eyes in deep reverie that she realises why they choose to go to the beach at night because at least when the darkness falls those who plague the beach are all delinquent in some way yet your kind…only their kind of delinquency is perhaps the most inadmissible. She doesn’t stop to think for a moment to think that the loud boisterous games that cause her to speak of ideas and laws unimaginable to them and theirs may in fact be more than risqué and actually put them at risk. She doesn’t stop to think that when the time comes for her to go back to her home where the law of the land and the law of the God she serve are separate sovereign institutions of which she can choose to abide by or not, and yet they will be left here in this land where the law of man and that of the god they serve have been collapsed into one and the same code. So She asks “how does my happy differ from yours. Do our rainbows have the same colours? Do our hearts beat and break for the same reason? And is our struggle really the same?” Because while playfully she can look forward to the day when marriage could be a viable option for her, they dread the day their wedding bells will ring for a match will not have been made. While she speaks of her independence and freedom from eternal familial control, she forgets that here, in this place their family defines who they are to be. So again she asks “does your happy differ from mine. Does my happy offend you? Does it colour you a colour to be recognised and scorned? Does my happy taint yours? Is it contagious?”


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