Poem: Mango Kisses

I savour mango kisses
as I observe the flirtatious dance
of the moonlight in the flicker of my
little candle

I cherish mango kisses
as the sweat lingers on the small of my back
then gently meanders its way down towards
the meeting of my derrière and my south heart
making me wet

I long for mango kisses
as my excessively moist bosom
stares up at me as we ponder the power
of a power cut – while marinating in the FUNK

I imagine mango kisses
as I bask in the sound of my beloveds voice
prevailing over a sometimes clear, mostly never there
call connection

and most recently the threat of the

automated oyimbo informing me of your unavailability

I crave mango kisses
as I laze on the beach feeling the
rhythm of the waves crash against the rocks
reverberating in my soul, piercing my marrow
and exciting my senses

I am infected with mango kisses deadly like poison
tender and supple as a mothers bosom
sweeter than honey,

Kisses that defy the confines of space and time

I am dreaming of mango kissing

by Osazeme O


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